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When do issues come out?

Issues come out every Sunday!


How can I sign up for the weekly newsletter?

If you go to "SIGN UP" you can sign up and make an account.


Why do I have to make an account?

We base who we send the newsletter to on the email listed on your account. Your account information however will remain private, and not even our team will look at it - it is simply for your convenience, and for us when we copy your email onto the mailing list!

How do we source the images used for each issue?

All of the images that we use on the newsletter are clickable, and will take you right to the original source.

What is our privacy policy?

As put in the settings of your account, our privacy policy is the following: Body Newsletter respects your privacy 100% and will keep all the information you choose to provide us with safe. We also don’t intend to look at or share any information shared with us! Aside from your account, there is no additional data required, and the Anonymous Thoughts form is optional. Having an account simply helps to log in, and access all of our newsletters in one place, as well as letting us know how many people we are reaching!

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